RE: Response to your inquiry



Just to follow up on our conversation, my remaining IT friends
have directed my attention to the availability of Nuance/ETI software over
torrent. A quick check revealed it to your Symbian PDA app, and thus useless to
me. However, that does tell me Nuance has the Eloquence SDK.


I renew my appeal for cooperation. I am not competition to
anything Nuance is doing, and I know that a few AAC companies still license
Eloquence. Please honor my agreement with ETI.



From: Scott Royall
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 15:52
To: ‘Halliwell, Becky’
Subject: RE: Response to your inquiry


Ah yes, Wizzard. They are the marketing partner for AT&T on
Natural Voice, and they are only interested in customers who will buy at least
200 licenses. It’s a contractual thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if
they also market whatever IBM is doing, but similar contractual limits apply on
everything they’re involved in so they are useless for me. I am trying to
work with AT&T directly to evaluate Natural Voice, but I’ve already
mentioned its limitations.


Now wait just a bleeping second, you (Nuance) must have the SDK
for ETI in order to be able to sell the licenses. It’s a legal thing, my
love (and no, I’m not intentionally being patronizing). My thinking is
that, since you must have the SDK somewhere, you should be able to
secure permission to send a digital copy to me (it used to be just a Zip file).
In fact, my original agreement with ETI granted me rights to any updates.


You have been very nice, and I absolutely want to stay on good
terms with you. I’m simply reminding Nuance that buying the intellectual
property of another company usually includes honoring any related agreements.
You already know enough about my situation to infer that I have been on the
level with you. I really need a copy of whatever ETI files Nuance took
possession of.


Please pursue the matter, ok?




From: Halliwell, Becky
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 13:21
Subject: RE: Response to your inquiry


Hi Scott,


You have a very interesting story and I really wish we could
help you. Unfortunately, while we’re still in fact selling ETI licenses,
we are no longer selling SDKs.


However, I was told that a similar engine is available from under the IBM ViaVoice


Hope this helps and best of luck to you,



From: Scott Royall
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 5:36 PM
To: Halliwell, Becky
Subject: RE: Response to your inquiry


Ah Becky,


So someone at Nuance does answer email. Good. I have been trying
to reach Nuance for some time, and I note that this particular inquiry
didn’t explain that my disability does not allow me to speak. That means
that I can’t fairly tease you about asking if I was interested in Dragon.
No, it’s safe to say I have no use for DragonSpeak.


As my inquiry did say, I’m needing a update of Eloquence.
The Eloquence speech engine is a product that you likely don’t even realize
Nuance owns. It dates back to its original version in 1996, developed by
Cornell University for the Department of Defense. Eloquence Technologies Inc.
was formed around that time. Unfortunately, they never did market the tool very
well and were bought by Speechworks, which was apparently purchased by Nuance
last year.


My relationship with the Eloquence speech engine started in 1997
while I was a programmer for a major oil company. I needed a text-to-speech
solution to talk to my customers, and my managers didn’t like any of the
AAC products that were currently available. Instead, we decided that I should
build my own system based around the Eloquence engine. The last update I
received from ETI was in late 1998.


Yes, Eloquence is a product you would normally license to other
companies to build systems around. You don’t market it to consumers,
because few of them could write programs that use it. I have. The program I
wrote in 1997 was called Xpress-It, and I’m still using a version of it
every day. In fact, the 1998 version of Eloquence, which I believe was version
4.7, still performs very well compared to even AT&T’s vaunted Natural
Voice. Although Natural Voice usually sounds “better,” Eloquence
still appears to be more flexible and adjustable. The problem is that I need to
update Xpress-It for changes in my needs and the Windows environment, and
Eloquence 4.7 is starting to cause problems in the program building because of
its age.


I have tried to market Xpress-It, but the nature of the AAC
market is such that an outsider can’t enter effectively without
significant financial support. Sadly, I’m now living on Disability so it
looks like I’ll be Xpress-It’s only user. Anyway, I need whatever
was the last/latest Eloquence software development kit. I’m certain that
Nuance hasn’t updated it, and it’s a pretty safe bet that
Speechworks didn’t. That probably means I need ETI’s last SDK. Can
you help?




From: Halliwell, Becky
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 08:25
Subject: Response to your inquiry


Hi Scott,


In response to your inquiry:


I’ll make it easy on you. I’m an existing user/developing
Eloquence technology, and I need to talk with you about a single user/dev


I’m disabled so DO NOT CALL. Please email.


For which of our products were you looking for an
upgrade?  We have several.  Was it Dragon? What version are you
currently on?






1111 Macarthur Blvd., Suite 100

Mahwah, NJ 07430

201-252-9100    Office

973-722-3911    Mobile

201-529-1070    Fax

The experience speaks for itself



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