FW: Dell: I’m out of options

Dell: I’m out of options

Of course I realize
this isn’t really Michael Dell’s email account. It’s a high
level administration account used to receive “hail Mary” complaints.
Well, here’s one.


The gist is
that I’m a severely disabled person who depends heavily on his Dells. I have
been buying mostly Latitudes for almost 15 years on my DPA, but now Dell is telling
me that I must be content with consumer-grade laptops. Please, please, read the
attached emails so that you can understand why that simply isn’t a viable
option for me. I also blog, and the general sentiment of my readers is that
Dell is clearly wrong to limit which laptops I can buy.


Mr. Bernier has
done what he could, but he doesn’t have any influence. Hopefully, this email
will find its way to someone with both compassion for customers, and enough
authority to slap some common sense back into Dell’s bureaucracy.


Scott Royall



From: Richard_Bernier@Dell.com
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 10:46
To: royall@conchbbs.com
Subject: Dell: I’m out of options


My final contact within DFS
come back with a no go.  It looks like no matter who I talk to, it is not
possible to purchases a business line system with a DPA account.

Richard Bernier
Dell Social
Media Group


Ext. 726-8859 |
twitter? You can contact me right

Read my blogs at Direct2Dell
Doing good or needing improvement, either way you can contact my


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