RE: Intuit Online Payroll Case 1666792: The web pages show that my 8/15 payroll …

I realize that most of your users have little or no computer experience so you
naturally tend to treat them very simply. However, I have a Computer Science
degree and 14 years of application development experience. I think it’s safe
to say that I grasp the fundamentals of your Online Payroll system. My
experience also tells me that most failures can be traced back to a change
that was not correctly recorded in the system. I’m going to hold your hand and
walk you through an entire month of on-going issues I have endured with your
online system so that you can see the completely messy picture.

First, the 7/15 payroll processed normally, and there have been zero changes
in the employee records since then. That means your whole discussion of
checkboxes for direct deposit is meaningless, because the employee information
has not been changed in months.

Second, on or about 7/18, I informed your system of a change in the source
bank for direct deposit. I dutifully saved the change, but I thought it
strange that your system made no effort to validate the new bank account. I
entered the 7/31 payroll on or about 7/28, and received no notification of any
problem. It wasn’t until 8/8 that I received email to the effect that my
Online Payroll account had been locked because Intuit hadn’t received
reimbursement from the source bank. After spending numerous hours with various
Intuit representatives over three days, we determined that your system
attempted to draw from the old bank account which no longer existed. I ended
up having to drive my wheelchair to my new bank and wire transfer the
reimbursement just to get the payroll account unlocked. The system then
successfully validated the new bank account, and your people assured me there
would be no further problem. Obviously, they were wrong.

I entered the 8/15 payroll on 8/11, and your system appeared to accept it
routinely. In fact, the front-end web pages for my so-called company on your
Online Payroll system still absurdly claim that the 8/15 payroll was processed
normally even though you clearly acknowledge that it wasn’t. It seems to me
that you have my front-end and back-end records out of sync, and the only way
to assure proper re-synchronization is by you manually deleting my account
completely and then rebuilding it by hand. Perhaps the pain of doing that
would help you to understand that the problem was not on my end.

To be clear, I only use your service because I have to. I must have
caregivers, and they expect direct deposit. Also, Uncle Sam expects his
information in very precise W2 format regardless of my inability to write.
since July was the end of my free six months introduction after switching from
the dreadful QuickBooks, I should think the least you should do is extend my
free period another six months out of embarrassment. My blog readers will be
> —–Original Message—–
> From: Intuit Online Payroll []
> Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 08:43
> To:
> Subject: Intuit Online Payroll Case 1666792: The web pages show that my 8/15
> payroll …
> Good Morning Scott,
> The response you sent to Johnny that came in after hours was placed into the
> contact
> channel this morning. Since Johnny is not in the office at this time please
> allow me to be
> of assistance.
> You will want to go to the Paycheck Tab and in the Recent Paychecks Section
> click on
> one of the checks that you are stating you submitted for Direct Deposit
> Processing. At
> the top of this check there should be a box that says Use Direct Deposit.
> If there is not a check mark in this box that means that this paycheck was
> not created as
> a Direct Deposit Paycheck which is why it was not able to be submitted for
> Direct
> Deposit Processing.
> If there is a Check Mark in this box that means that although you did mark
> that this
> check was a Direct Deposit Paycheck that you did not click on the Save and
> Send Button
> in order to actually send the paycheck for Direct Deposit Processing.
> The Direct Deposit Manager that we have is directly synced to your IOP
> Subscription and
> if the Save and Send or Send Payroll for Direct Deposit option had been
> pressed then an
> automatic update of that information would have been sent into our system
> and the
> payroll would have been processed for Direct Deposit. It shows that at this
> time in the
> system that this step was not done which is why the payroll was not sent for
> Direct
> Deposit Processing.
> To ensure that this does not happen in the future you will want to make sure
> that when
> you are creating paychecks for Direct Deposit that you are checking off the
> Use Direct
> Deposit Box and then select Save and Send in order to Save the information
> that you
> have entered for that employees check and then actually submit that
> information that
> you saved for Direct Deposit Processing.
> I also noticed in your original contact request that was submitted you
> stated you preferred
> email based communications. I am actually a Chat Support Representative. You
> may find
> that it is easier to contact that chat support channel as you can receive
> immediate text
> based communications and your questions are then addressed at that time
> instead of
> awaiting an email.
> You can submit a chat contact request by going to the support link in the
> bottom right
> hand corner of your Intuit Online Payroll Product. Clicking on the Contact
> Us Tab enter
> in your question and contact information and then clicking on the grey
> button for Step 2
> then clicking on the Chat Now Button. A majority of the issues that
> customers run into
> are able to be handled in the chat support channel. If you would like you
> can request to
> chat with me directly if I am here.
> Hopefully this answers your question regarding what occurred with the
> payroll you
> created in your product but that was not sent for Direct Deposit Processing.
> Ebony De La Torre
> Intuit Online Payroll
> ________________________________________
> For your reference, this email refers to the following case:
> Case ID: 1666792
> Question: The web pages show that my 8/15 payroll was processed, but it was
> not. My
> bank account was not debitted and my employees were not paid. We have to
> find out
> why, and insure that it never happens again.
> My company name is Donald Scott Royall.
> I’m disabled and don’t answer calls. Use email.
> Reply directly to this email to send any correspondence for this case.
> Please do NOT
> change the TO and SUBJECT field of the email.


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