A funny thing

Some of my blog readers are pilots. Others are wannabe
pilots. Both sets are going to be slightly amused to read that I bought Microsoft’s
Flight Simulator X last weekend. It arrived last night, and I immediately repeated
a flight my father did 40 years ago. I picked up a Cessna 172 and shot touch-n-go’s
out of West Houston (that’s the old Lakeside Airport, dad). Now, I must
say that a 172 is the most docile of creatures. A little old woman could fly
one, and mine did have a Garmin G1000 “glass cockpit.” That’s
to say that, despite having not sat in a 172 in 35 years, I still had little
problem. When I sim, it’s normally in a P-38H or a F-16C Block 52, and
the latter has instrumentation not too different from my upgraded 172.

Oh, and Rich Bernier, I regret to say that the one weakness of my new laptop,
Lilly 4, is the graphics card. It is going to be a real recurring weakness


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