FW: Verizon’s Customer Support

If he answers, it will be
interesting. I think this is one of the cellular industry’s dirty little secrets.


From: Scott Royall
Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2009 4:50 PM
To: ‘brad.stinson@verizonwireless.com’
Subject: Verizon’s Customer Support




Ok, I’m curious. What’s the general business relationship between
Verizon and the franchise dealers such as the company that bought your old
Highway 6 store? I ask because I’ve had a couple of rather negative experiences
there that cause me to question the underlying wisdom of franchise dealerships
in the cellular industry.


Yes, I understand that franchises allow a carrier to provide
a market presence at lower cost. You don’t have to financially support a
franchise store. That’s obvious, but how much thought has gone toward the
question of whether or not a franchised experience enhances or degrades the
carrier’s relationship with the customer/subscriber over time? Let’s be honest,
the primary source of income for a carrier like Verizon Wireless is the
subscriptions, and it’s in your own best interest to do things to make the
subscriber inclined to continue the relationship. On the other paw, a franchise
is likely compensated by Verizon on a per-transaction basis so the dealer has
no direct interest in supporting the long-term relationship between carrier and
subscriber. This arrangement seems inherently in conflict to me.


I know you’ve moved over to the business side of Verizon.
With four lines now, I certainly feel like a small business or at least a
non-profit! My monthly subscription fees are  certainly non-trivial! When
I need to connect a new laptop to Verizon’s network, or replace a caregiver’s
phone that was accidentally broken, I don’t need a franchise dealer telling me,
“uh, we don’t sell that laptop,” or, “we have to charge to replace the phone.”
My view is that, if you put “Verizon Wireless” across your storefront in huge
letters, you need to actively support whatever Verizon Wireless does.


Now, what can we do about this mess? Anything?




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