RE: Dig this crap!


The case in question is exactly that,
a GPC had to be disabled to be accepted. Of course doing that would defeat the
purpose of Xpress-It, which is to function AS PART OF GPC USE. That’s its
main advantage over the competition.


From: DJSloan
Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 6:57 PM
Subject: Re: Dig this crap!


Scott ..

  I’d ask for a better interpretation before I jumped to the conclusion
that a GPC can’t be used.  If it’s clear that it can’t, then maybe you
could test the theory by adapting the product to preclude use of the GPC for
anything else, i.e. loaded on a dedicated processor.
  Kind of destroys the house to keep the fireplace burning, but if that’s
the only reg in your way …


Scott Royall wrote:
Listen to the story about 40 minutes in, and everything becomes clear. No
wonder why I couldn’t get any traction with Xpress-It. Medicare
regulation prohibits paying for a device that may be beneficial to the person
in a way outside of the disability. In other words, Medicare won’t pay
for anything on a general purpose computer!


  OH  MY  GOD!


DJSloan .. Houston, Texas


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