RE: Not Quite


I understand what you’re saying, and I appreciate your response. However, we
both know you generate roughly a terabyte of data weekly, and your Carbonite
ads sometimes indicate that you use Carbonite to back up some of it at
least. Hmm. That’s hardly personal files, but anyway. 🙂 My point was that
those two external drives are an integral part of the computer system on my
wheelchair. In fact, the Music folders on all my laptops point to the music
drive, making it as personal as personal gets!

In my view, USB and ESATA drives should be treated as part of the computer
as far as Carbonite is concerned.


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From: Leo Laporte []
Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2009 19:46
Subject: Re: Not Quite

I do mention it from time to time. The issue Royall is that if you
could backup every external drive and every network drive we could be
talking about an unlimited amount of data. No one could offer that for
$5/month. Carbonite is a personal service intended for backing up the
contents of your computer – not every drive in your house. I’ll try to
be more clear about that in the future.


Leo Laporte

On Sep 27, 2009, at 3:55 PM, Scott Royall wrote:

> David,
> Carbonite is an interesting service/product, and Leo Laporte
> certainly gives you plenty of mileage for your advertizing dollar
> with his glowing endorsements. Unfortunately, neither Leo or your
> sign-up page happen to mention that Carbonite only works on internal
> drives. I just downloaded and installed it, and immediately
> encountered this issue.
> I am disabled and am in a powered wheelchair. There are several
> computers in my life, but the most critical are laptops. Those are
> so critical to me that one always is mounted on my chair, with the
> others acting mainly as hot spares. The laptops are responsible for
> speaking for me, in addition to ALL the other things people do with
> laptops, finances, communication, entertainment, even (gasp!) games.
> As far as I am concerned, the first rule of laptops is that they
> NEVER have enough internal storage. This is why I also have two
> external USB hard-drives mounted on the chair. My music collection
> alone is over 100GB and resides on a hard-drive of its own. The very
> drive that I needed Carbonite to back up!
> Although I may be unique in some ways, the fact is that an
> increasing number of people are acquiring very large collections of
> pictures and music that necessitate dedicated hard-drives. Those
> drives have to be external in the world of laptops, and that
> extremely valuable data still must be protected. As an IT
> professional, I may be able to enlist the ways of NTFS to "trick"
> Carbonite but linking my Music folder as a sub-folder of another
> folder on the internal drive, but I doubt it. There must be a better
> way!


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