Lind Electronics

Re: Urgent Request

There are few good companies left in the world, but here’s
one. Their caca ain’t caca!


From: Scott Royall
Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 16:11
To: ‘Terry Neville’
Subject: RE: Urgent Request




Just wanted to let you know that power to my laptop has been
restored. The problem was indeed the output cable. As I said, I’ve never
had a Lind power supply actually fail, and I’ve used the 130-watt bricks
for five years.


On a different subject, have you received any reports of the
130-watt supply generating any radio interference? I’m an Amateur Radio
Operator, and my brick does tend to generate “hash” around 3 MHz.




From: Terry Neville
Sent: Friday, September 25, 2009 16:44
Cc: Darrel Pinkston
Subject: Re: Urgent Request
Importance: High



Out Darrel Pinkston has sent you today a replacement cable and I expect it to
arrive to you on Tuesday.

I also noted that you also placed an order for an adapter and an additional
cable. The adapter you placed order for is a 90 Watt timer adapter and not the
130 Watt adapter. I want to verify that this is what you want or if that is in
error. Also, did you want to order the additional cable knowing that one is now
en route to you. The order you placed will not ship today.

Please respond.

Thanks,  Terry

On 9/24/09 10:38 PM, "Scott Royall" <>

I urgently need a replacement output power cord (to a Dell laptop that’s
Series D-compatible) for my Lind Electronics 130-watt DC-to-DC brick. I think
it’s under warranty, but whatever. I’m disabled, and the brick
powers my laptop 24/7 so this is critical.
Scott Royall


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