On your last day with Dell, I thought you might like to know
how things are going as a result of your sustained efforts. Lilly 3, the M1710,
has found another life as the custodian of a 1TB harddrive that I use as my 3rd-level
backup archive. HotRoddy, the M1530, in addition to being my reserve laptop, has
taken on the job of feeding those huge backup image files over my network to
Lilly 3. I have a little USB-powered 450GB harddrive that’s the primary backup
for Roddy and Lilly 4. I connect it to whatever laptop I’m using to
gather the backup, and then put it on Roddy to copy to Lilly 3. Meanwhile, the
E6500, Lilly 4, plods along reliably doing its job as best as it can. In the
background is an old Dimension 4600 you aren’t even aware of, named Nemesis,
that’s my print and server for one game. Everything is up and running
smoothly for now.


I don’t doubt that I’ll hear from Ramon next
week regarding a replacement contact, and I hope Bernadete can pinch in in the meantime
to keep me going. Roddy will have to be retired in the coming year because her
service contract expires. Likewise, Nemesis is way, way overdue so Dell stands
to benefit from continuing our positive relationship.


I wish you the best in whatever you do in the new year.




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