RE: Farewell

There is a lot to be said for continuity
of service, and hopefully Dell has learned that. Bernadete has said she used to
be a tech so she should have the chops. The real question is, can she come to
understand my needs? In any case, Bernadete’s position will likely keep
her from being a long-term answer as I don’t only buy what could be called
fleet equipment.


The M1710 is Lilly 3, and she’s
not going anywhere as I’m quite aware of her reliability. She just can’t
pull duty on my wheelchair anymore because her service protection ended last spring.
You might say she now has a nice safe job on a shelf!


I expect Dell may stumble, but
they’ll eventually do right by me.


Good luck.


From: []
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 3:30 PM
Subject: RE: Farewell


Thanks Scott,


It sounds like you have got an
great home network setup.  Oh, and I wouldn’t kick Roddy to the curb
yet.  I love that form-factor unit.  Very, very reliable.  I got
my own Roddy(m1710) at home running Windows 7 on it.  It chases bones
around some of the newer systems today.


I really hope that you are
provided the best service possible.


Unfortunately, I may have
created an false expectation of service.  Technically, for a year now I
wasn’t supposed to be personal working on customer computers.  When
an issues came up, a case was supposed to be created and passed on to someone
else to work.  This did not appeal to me as I felt any other mishaps from
another Dell rep would damage my credibility as I was first primary
contact.  Anyway, I did down size through the year but I did not let that
effect our relationship because we have a history of working together, and
besides your cool guy 😉


At this time I really have no idea
what kind of service you can expect.  However, Bernadete appears to be
really good at what she does and I expect she will do the right thing.


Now, just because I will no
longer be at Dell doesn’t mean you can’t tweet every now and then
with one of your smart comments 😉  You take care of your of yourself and
have a great New Year!




Richard Bernier
Dell Social Media Group

Dell Inc.
800-822-8965 Ext. 726-8859 |
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contact me right now.
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From: Scott Royall
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 2:34 PM
To: Bernier, Richard
Cc: Padua – Mateo, Bernadete;
Subject: Farewell




On your last day with Dell, I thought you might like to know
how things are going as a result of your sustained efforts. Lilly 3, the M1710,
has found another life as the custodian of a 1TB harddrive that I use as my 3rd-level
backup archive. HotRoddy, the M1530, in addition to being my reserve laptop,
has taken on the job of feeding those huge backup image files over my network
to Lilly 3. I have a little USB-powered 450GB harddrive that’s the
primary backup for Roddy and Lilly 4. I connect it to whatever laptop I’m
using to gather the backup, and then put it on Roddy to copy to Lilly 3.
Meanwhile, the E6500, Lilly 4, plods along reliably doing its job as best as it
can. In the background is an old Dimension 4600 you aren’t even aware of,
named Nemesis, that’s my print and server for one game. Everything is up
and running smoothly for now.


I don’t doubt that I’ll hear from Ramon next
week regarding a replacement contact, and I hope Bernadete can pinch in in the
meantime to keep me going. Roddy will have to be retired in the coming year
because her service contract expires. Likewise, Nemesis is way, way overdue so
Dell stands to benefit from continuing our positive relationship.


I wish you the best in whatever you do in the new year.




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