Society and the Disabled

As for people and the Disabled, I don’t know if the later will
ever really be integrated into society. Not because society is good or evil,
it’s obviously neither. The reason why I have serious doubts about the future
of society and disabled people is that humans are not really as rational as
they want to be. Our initial response to something is far more instinctual that
we realize. This is especially true in a romantic context. The human brain is
hard-wired to assign order to things so it immediately assigns reasons to a
reaction. Our instinct has to be to avoid the infirm simply for the sake of the
gene pool. There’s no implicit judgment there, only instinct. But then,
of course our brains rush to put nice, rational reasons with the response.
That’s why you cannot legislate any particular behavior. Behavior starts
off on the instinctive level, and rationality comes along a few milliseconds