RE: Lilly + BCP

I understand why you dreaded breaking the news. The grim truth
is that I have to choose between spending thousands that I don’t really have to
buy Lilly two or three years of life made dubious by the cancer and the chemo. Or
do I make Lilly comfortable and  get a new dog while Lilly is able to transfer what
she knows? Given Lilly’s age, I don’t really have a lot of choice.  Very sad.


I will contact GCVS for a full-body scan.


From: Marsha Anderson
Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010 11:27 AM
Subject: RE: Lilly + BCP


I’m afraid it is not good news about Lilly’s histopath
report.  It is osteosarcoma which is basically bone cancer.  It
tends to be a very nasty type of cancer and has high potential for
malignancy.  The more common location they arise is on the legs, not as
common on a digit.  I did some research. Even though it was on a
digit they say it is just as aggressive.  Amputation, whole body
radiographs to look for metastasis in bones and lungs, and adjuvant
chemotherapy is recommended.  The toe has 3 bones in it, her tumor
was in the last bone.  Thank goodness I took off that one plus the
one behind it.  But metastasis to other areas is the biggest concern at
this point.  I would not recommend you exercise her until we get this
figured out.  Referral to Gulf Coast Oncology would be the next step
should you pursue further treatment.  Time is a little bit of the
essence in that if it has spread already you want to start chemo as soon
as possible.  I will answer any questions as best I can for
you but an oncologist would know more, of course, than I would.  Let me
know what you think.  I can’t tell you how much I do not want to hit the
"Send" button on this one.

— On Wed, 6/2/10, Scott Royall <>

From: Scott Royall <>
Subject: RE: Lilly + BCP
To: "’Marsha Anderson’" <>
Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 3:56 PM

the lack of response mean you disagree? It’s a little hard to read you, but
it’s fine to disagree.


From: Scott Royall
Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 5:09 PM
To: ‘Marsha Anderson’
Subject: RE: Lilly + BCP


that. This is Lilly we’re talking about, perhaps the best four-legged patient
you have! I just rechecked the paw and there’s almost no redness. The
incision flaps are staying closed, and the sutures are starting to loosen.
Thus my inquiry. The bad news is that she’s definitely becoming more lame.
That’s something I always worry about with an arthritic dog. A few days
without walks and they start locking up. I’m seeing lameness in both front
legs right now, and she’s not walked since the surgery. What do you think
about returning Lilly to limited duty Thursday if the incision stays closed?



From: Marsha Anderson
Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 3:53 PM
Subject: RE: Lilly + BCP


You didn’t tell me how her foot was looking!!  Her sutures are
absorbable and will eventually fall out on their own.  It may take
several weeks for that to happen.  The stitches need to stay in 10
days at least, 14 days is better.  Usually by then you have a
completed seal at the incision unless there are complications. 
After the initial 10 -14 day healing time we can remove the sutures
manually if we need to.  I do this only if they are bothering her or
she begins to develop a suture reaction.  I mailed a copy of your
invoice to you.

— On Tue, 6/1/10, Scott Royall <>

From: Scott Royall <>
Subject: RE: Lilly + BCP
To: "’Marsha Anderson’" <>
Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 1:59 PM

When do the sutures come out?


From: Marsha Anderson
Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 1:39 PM
Subject: Re: Lilly + BCP


Yes I called that in last week.  Increased her dosage a
little.  How is her foot doing?  I will send you Rimadyl or
bring it if I need to look at her foot.

— On Mon, 5/31/10, Scott Royall <>

From: Scott Royall <>
Subject: Lilly + BCP
To: "Marsha Anderson" <>
Date: Monday, May 31, 2010, 3:27 PM

Have you  told BCP to increase her thyroid supplement dosage
yet? She’s running out of that and Rimadyl.





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