Waiting for…?

The past few months have been ¬†a mixed blessing for me. For some strange reason, I didn’t make my usual Fall rounds this year. No Houston airshow or Renaissance Festival. I’m not sure why either, I simply didn’t feel like going, and that’s not like me.

In truth, I’ve done a lot of waiting this Fall. Waiting for a new wheelchair, waiting for a new laptop, waiting for a new dog. Apart from the dog, those things have arrived and are now in service. And still, I can feel myself waiting for something. I think a big part of it is that I’m waiting for someone I call a friend to check out. His health is deteriorating rapidly, with Diabetes and a failing liver, and he’s the type of person who doesn’t follow advice well. As I was recently reminded, you can’t save everyone. Yet, watching this friend fall apart is like witnessing a train wreck in slow motion. There’s a undeniable air of¬†inevitability to it.

Hopefully, the arrival of the new dog next month will force me to become active again, because she is going to need a lot of training and experience.