I tried the BlueAnt S4, and it worked—sorta. The hitch is that type of device hands off most voice commands to the phone’s internal voice processor, and the Barrage has the IQ of an amoeba. It actually understands me slightly better over the phone’s lame speakerphone. The S4 will go back to Best Buy tomorrow.

On the positive side, I finally have an excellent “road dog.” Ari, who you haven’t met yet, is a beautiful young German Shepherd of real capability. Although she needs work in several areas, she has pretty much mastered the behaviors required to literally run errands with me. Poor old Lilly is simply too short and stocky for Houston’s heat, but Ari barrels through it keeping formation with the wheelchair as if it was something she did in a past life. She’s also well-behaved in stores too.

From: Stinson, Brad []
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2011 10:38
To: ‘’
Subject: RE: phones

Yes sir. Im sorry. Just try to make sure you can return it if you dont like it.


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