Fixed Roddy


I’m going to be a little mean.

We need to research who was the last Qualxerv tech to fix Roddy, my M1530. I remember it was an older Indian man in dapper clothes who was more concerned with avoiding my dogs than doing a good job. Tom Hicky, a Qualxerv tech I’ve known for years came to repair Roddy today, and he wasn’t amused by what he found. The last tech to reassemble the M1530 left several screws out, misaligned parts, and left some cables disconnected. That’s probably why the audio line-in jack didn’t work—it wasn’t connected.

I don’t want to see that Indian again. In fact, I’d prefer Tom whenever possible. He dreads working on Ari (yes, I agree that the M15x is a jigsaw puzzle), but he’s conscience.



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