Lilly: A Legend Ends

Ok gang, I’m going to state this simply and to-the-point: Lilly has n-stage lung cancer. Her remaining time is a matter of weeks to a few months. At ten and a half years old, heroic measures like chemo aren’t going to buy Lilly any meaningful amount of time. They would only make her miserable. No, the best we can do is make the most of whatever time she has.

I have a high school reunion in Baton Rouge on September 16th-17th, and Dr. Heidi Hottinger, one of the senior soft tissue specialists at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, seems fairly confident she can enable Lilly to be at my side there. But, anything beyond that is a crap shoot; I won’t ask Lilly to hang around much longer because I don’t want her to endure serious pain on my behalf. She’s well earned that kindness.

Marsha, we are in a pain management mode at this point, although more for that damned right front paw right now than the cancer. Obviously, I’ll be contacting you soon to make final arrangements.

As to how I am doing, Lilly has been my partner in the purest sense of the word for a decade. How should I feel? Anyone who has met her goes away impressed. To paraphrase someone at GCVS, Lilly is a queen who enriches the lives of everyone around her. That’s why I hope she can go to Baton Rouge, to shine one more time. I sort of knew the jig was up last year when an aggressive bone cancer was found in one of her toes. Perhaps now my mother appreciates why I got Ari when I did. I only wish she had more time under the queen’s tutelage.

By the way, also learned today that Jack, my former caregiver and friend, has n-stage liver cancer. Not a good week.


Atlanta TV Station Breaks Big Story

I received this email in a public park surrounded by people of many nationalities and beliefs, including Muslins. That was interesting, partly because it underscored the flawed premise of the story. We spent 770 million on projects that indirectly helped mosques. Ok. That sounds like a lot of money if you think of it in personal terms, but it’s not even an ant on the floor in federal terms. With an annual budget of around 1.4 trillion, or 14 thousand thousand million as the British put it, the scale is clearly beyond what most people can grasp, and 770 million is probably on par with what the Feds spend on flushing their toilets!

I am fairly pro-Israeli, but I have to wonder how many synagogues—and churches—in foreign countries we’ve helped through the decades. Yes, most Israelis like us, but that’s no surprise. We support them so they like us. Hmm. Could there be a lesson there? More to the point, if you cut support to one side but not the other, of course you anger someone. True, some will hate you regardless, but those people must recruit others to be the foot-soldiers. Those others are young and impressionable men, and that’s something to think about. How did Capitalism beat Communism? We did it by forcing the Soviets to try to keep up militarily even while we automatically flooded them out with the benefits of Capitalism. Their people ultimately turned away from their leaders, an effect that I think is both Capitalism’s greatest strength and weakness. Put one way, Capitalism tends to make people more selfish, and thus less inclined to sacrifice themselves for any pseudo-religious cause. Hence, putting internet access in a mosque could have some interesting propaganda benefits; the young men may be told to only use it to communicate with terrorist leaders, but they may also check out our pornography sites. Let Capitalism do its thing on them.

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Fixed Roddy

Yeah, I know how “random” works. I also know Qualxerv doesn’t have a large local tech staff so getting consistent support should be simple.

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Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 11:25
Subject: RE: Fixed Roddy

Hi Scott. Thank you for your valuable feedback. I have already forwarded your concern to our Command Center Escalations team. For your reference, it is Incident # 19331208.

On behalf of DELL, we would like to apologize for this inconvenience. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen again in the future. With regards to Tom being your customary technician, I am not sure if that is possible since the service is given at random by the onsite company to the technicians.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


Kian Pacifico

Resolution Specialist, Client Technical Support Specialist


voicemail: 1-800-822-8965 ext 4250971

email: christian_pacifico

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Very good feedback Scott. I bet it’ll be the first thing the Kian will work on when he gets back Saturday.

Good to know that Roddy is also back on duty.

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I’m going to be a little mean.

We need to research who was the last Qualxerv tech to fix Roddy, my M1530. I remember it was an older Indian man in dapper clothes who was more concerned with avoiding my dogs than doing a good job. Tom Hicky, a Qualxerv tech I’ve known for years came to repair Roddy today, and he wasn’t amused by what he found. The last tech to reassemble the M1530 left several screws out, misaligned parts, and left some cables disconnected. That’s probably why the audio line-in jack didn’t work—it wasn’t connected.

I don’t want to see that Indian again. In fact, I’d prefer Tom whenever possible. He dreads working on Ari (yes, I agree that the M15x is a jigsaw puzzle), but he’s conscience.