Lilly: A Legend Ends

Ok gang, I’m going to state this simply and to-the-point: Lilly has n-stage lung cancer. Her remaining time is a matter of weeks to a few months. At ten and a half years old, heroic measures like chemo aren’t going to buy Lilly any meaningful amount of time. They would only make her miserable. No, the best we can do is make the most of whatever time she has.

I have a high school reunion in Baton Rouge on September 16th-17th, and Dr. Heidi Hottinger, one of the senior soft tissue specialists at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, seems fairly confident she can enable Lilly to be at my side there. But, anything beyond that is a crap shoot; I won’t ask Lilly to hang around much longer because I don’t want her to endure serious pain on my behalf. She’s well earned that kindness.

Marsha, we are in a pain management mode at this point, although more for that damned right front paw right now than the cancer. Obviously, I’ll be contacting you soon to make final arrangements.

As to how I am doing, Lilly has been my partner in the purest sense of the word for a decade. How should I feel? Anyone who has met her goes away impressed. To paraphrase someone at GCVS, Lilly is a queen who enriches the lives of everyone around her. That’s why I hope she can go to Baton Rouge, to shine one more time. I sort of knew the jig was up last year when an aggressive bone cancer was found in one of her toes. Perhaps now my mother appreciates why I got Ari when I did. I only wish she had more time under the queen’s tutelage.

By the way, also learned today that Jack, my former caregiver and friend, has n-stage liver cancer. Not a good week.


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