It was good to meet you at the Houston VA hospital yesterday. I know that you were interested in purchasing the software I use to communicate, and I’m certainly open to working with you. I would suggest that you go to my website, conchbbs.com, and check out the history of the software, Xpress-It. As you’ll read, I’m well aware of the advantages Xpress-It has over the others. It’s better because it had to be.

However, you’ll also read that Xpress-It isn’t currently available. I tried to market it for almost a decade, but the various medical and rehabilitation communities did not recognize the importance of Xpress-It’s audio advantage. At the heart of Xpress-It is a voice synthesizer called Eloquence, currently owned by Nuance Technologies (the people who also own DragonSpeaking). I recently had to update Xpress-It for the newest version of Windows and Eloquence so it’s not presently in a package that will happily install itself on any user’s computer. I’ll need to redo that somehow. I’ll also have to talk with Nuance, because my present arrangement doesn’t allow for retail. I did leave things open to renegotiation if a situation like this arose, but getting the Nuance lawyers to bob their heads in the right direction might take a little while.

I’ll be in touch.



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