Jack Dewayne Davidson


First, the basics: Name: Jack Dewayne Davidson

DoB: 1/5/45

SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Things become somewhat unclear when it comes to his DD-214. Clearly the VA has a copy, since they treated his medical needs for 40 years. But, getting the original could be problematic. As my driver, Robyn, mentioned, Jack spent some time in New Caney over the past few years. When Jack was hospitalized for the last time, one of his New Caney friends, a Larry Bryant, quickly collected all of Jack’s possessions, including his voluminous paperwork (such as the DD-214). Mr. Bryant is asserting himself as Jack’s executor, an interesting claim since Jack did not want Mr. Bryant in charge of his life and was only semi-conscious for most of this last hospital stay.

In any case, Mr. Bryant’s claim is only relevant when it interferes with what you and I are trying to accomplish, bury Jack in accordance with his wishes. His wishes, not what someone else thinks should be done. Honor and duty are very big things in the military, and, while I’m not military, that wasn’t by choice. Putting Jack’s favorite dog down was among the saddest and most difficult things I have ever done, but I respected his reasoning. Jack charged me with three burial-related requests, and I have a duty to execute them as faithfully as humanly possible. Hopefully, Mr. Bryant will not be interfering.

Scott Royall


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