From: Scott Royall []
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 16:27
To: ‘Hendrickson, Erik’
Subject: RE: Questions

Ok, that will work. I can count four vehicles just off-hand so let’s rendezvous at American Heritage. That also simplifies matters. Some of the attendees will be coming from diverse directions so having a rally point is important. Also important is a rally time, which will be 2:10. (I’m not dumb either. I’ve planned enough events to know the value of planning in a safety margin in case someone gets lost. I’ll be on GPS, but most won’t. If someone does get lost, they should call 281-813-1644.)

The sequence of events in the honors is exactly opposite of what I expected, but we’ll deal with it. I had hoped honors would be the final event in the sequence, because it forms a natural climax. In any case, there is also the practical reality that I don’t ingress and egress my vehicle quickly by definition. I suspect the honor guard already has experience with this situation, but they should be reminded. Since I seem to be the lead dog in this pack, they just need to follow my cue.

From: Hendrickson, Erik []
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 14:50
Cc: Hebert, Clint
Subject: RE: Questions

1. Yes the VA has a specific shelter where the committal service will take place. The lead car, Hearse and guests will be escorted to the shelter by the VA, Mr. Royall you will need to follow the hears so you will be close to the shelter. The VA will only leads us in once so any wishing to be at the service will need to met us for the lead in. If you think there will be more than five cars, we will meet in the parking lot at American Heritage Funeral Home at 10710 Veterans Memorial Drive and process to the cemetery. Our gate time is 2:30 pm on Thursday, which means we all enter at one time, 2:30.

2. Honors have been confirmed and they will be standing at attention when the funeral coach and procession reach the shelter. They will start the service by playing Taps, folding the flag and presenting it to Mr. Royall, After they have exited there will be about 15 minutes for Eulogy and then the Funeral Director will do closing remarks After the funeral Director the Cemetery staff will close the service.

Erik J.Hendrickson


Funeral Director

Forest Park Westheimer



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