Hello Damir,

I trust that this email finds you doing well. I am writing to update you on how Ari is doing, as I suppose that’s something you would like to know. There’s no question that she’s very sweet and smart; her performance is quite good on-leash. Off-leash is an entirely different matter, though. To your credit , you were honest and warned me that you didn’t have much time to work with her when she was younger. Unfortunately, that meant her self-confidence didn’t fully develop, and she’s uncomfortable with me and my wheelchair. My trainer does not fault your honesty, but she does feel you shouldn’t have sold Ari to be a service dog. She would have been better as a family pet because she loves children.

Again, she’s fine on-leash. The issue is really her not trusting me enough to come up to me so I can attach the leash. Yes, she’s well aware that I’m calling, but I’m different from everybody else and she can’t come to terms with that. That is an extremely unusual reaction for a dog, and it does hurt me emotionally even though I know I’m not suppose to let it. Ari will improve in time. There are standard things that the handler can do to reinforce his relationship with his dog, and I will do those things. It’s just very unfortunate that this has to be such a long and painful process.


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