E-Introduction Scott Meet Clarice…Scott Meet Michelle

That’s no joke about the elephantine memory. It took me a second to look up Clarice in my dusty vaults. Yes, Xpress-It obviously still exists since I personally use it almost continuously. It has, however, shifted slightly in focus over time. In my dealings with school district technologists and other healthcare professionals who would seem to have a keen stake in high quality AAC, I have found surprisingly little sustained interest. The gist is that other priorities, such as cost, and the amount of effort they believe they would have to exert to support a product, have much greater influence on the AAC made available to patients and clients. Those professionals really don’t, or can’t, discern why having voice synthesis that’s close enough to human speech to communicate effectively with complete strangers is important. Although no one comes right out and says this, there seems to be the sense that patients and clients need only to communicate with family and caregivers so higher quality isn’t an issue. As my website still dutifully notes, I had to develop Xpress-It because my former bosses at Shell Oil would not accept the audio quality of any free or even commercially-available AAC. Hello real world.

These days, I honestly don’t have Xpress-It in an easily-retailable form. Of course that could be done, I just haven’t seen a reason to do that additional work. I’m also an Amateur Radio Operator, and, while keeping its general purpose advantages, Xpress-It is evolving gradually to provide extra benefits in that specialized environment. Xpress-It already has the distinction of being the only AAC to ever effectively transmit on Amateur frequencies.

From: Clarice Nelson [mailto:claricen@hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 10:30
To: aachouston@gmail.com
Cc: Scott Royall; djsloan25a26@yahoo.com
Subject: FW: E-Introduction Scott Meet Clarice…Scott Meet Michelle

Hi Michelle,
I truly enjoyed your presentation on AAC for Adults with Acquired Communication Disorders….and Per our conversation at the Monday Night HACD meeting…I’d like you to meet Scott.
Please read the below information of some of our conversations and feel free to contact Scott.
As you can see I Cc:d Scott so he too would be aware of the contact…
I also Cc:d Dan..because he introduced Scott and I…
It is my hope that you can help Scott get his system and success story "out there" to help others as well as maybe have Scott join you with your presentations (if possible).

To Scott: tis better late than never….
and its a very good thing that sometimes… I have a memory like an elephant…


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