Animal Hall of Fame

Thank you, Kate. On one paw, Lilly no longer would be even remotely concerned with such matters. Her work here is done wherever she is now. But, on another paw, things like this are really for those of us left behind, sort of a feeble attempt to grant some permanence to the legend of Lilly. Sure, resubmit her entry next year if you like.

There isn’t a moment of any day that I don’t still mourn for Lilly. The loss is accentuated by a curious problem the new dog, Ari, has developed. While I technically did everything correctly in purchasing Ari from a good European breeder, she did not receive a lot of socialization during her first year simply because he invested his time in more promising dogs. The unexpected result of that is, while Ari is fine with everybody else, she’s having serious difficulty emotionally committing to me and the wheelchair. This surprised me, the trainer, even the breeder, and it makes me long for my angel, Lilly.

I won’t be able to pick up the certificate for at least a couple of weeks.

From: Kate Lawrence []
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 14:12
Subject: Animal Hall of Fame

Mr. Royall,

We received a response from the Texas Veterinary Medial Foundation (TVMA) regarding Lilly’s submission. Dr. Hottinger received a letter explaining that Lilly was recognized with an honorable mention this year, and that the TVMA Board President requested that we resubmit Lilly for next year’s Hall of Fame. It appears there were many nominations this year, but the committee recognized that even with all of the submissions they received, Lilly deserved to be honored this year… and next year, if you are willing.

We have a certificate for her if you wanted to come by and pick it up, or have someone pick it up, that says:

"For devotion to mankind through unselfish and courageous service

We have proudly conferred upon


In recognition of the distinguished honor of


With the pride, honor and priviledge therunto appertaining

Dated this first of November, two-thousand and eleven"

Still shining on, Lilly.

Let me know if you would like to pick up the certificate, and we will take care of everything for the submission next year if you would like to do so. You are still in our thoughts, and will always be.


Kate Lawrence

Client/Patient Service Coordinator

Gulf Coast Veterinary Surgery



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