Thought this might pique your interest.

From: Scott Royall []
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 19:15
To: ‘Lourez Bullock’
Subject: RE: Robyn

I’ll tell Cecil he’s off Thanksgiving.

I think I found a cure for poor Ari’s wheelchair issue. Do you remember the assisted living facility on Greenridge? It backs up against McClendon Park. The facility is a depressing place, but it may be ideal for helping Ari. There was a large group of “clients” at the park’s pavilion this afternoon, including numerous wheelchairs. I was passing the pavilion when a light went on between my ears. I explained the situation to the caregivers (really not impressive), and then spent 20 minutes parked in the big middle of a forest of wheelchairs. NJ was tickled pink when I reported my findings to her.

The group doesn’t visit the park often enough so I’ll to hold my nose and visit the home. What I’ll do is offer the management a quid quo pro. The inmates get time with Ari, and everybody benefits.

From: Lourez Bullock
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 17:13
To: royall
Subject: RE: Robyn

I understand. I’ll stop by in the next couple of days and be sure we’re on the same page about Thanksgiving day. I am sorry about Cecil’s bike. Hope it didn’t walk off from the garage. He needs to have a good locking system, if he replaces the bike. At least that’d slow down the burglars.

I can arrange to go by and collect Lilly’s certificate, if you like. I don’t know if it’s framed, but we could take care of that. I know you don’t need reminders of how special she was, but to have the certificate in place would be a nice way of honoring her memory. Just let me know and I’ll call to set a day.


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