It looks like we are set up for Ari to do a little volunteering at a local group home, thereby getting her the wheelchair desensitization she so desperately needs. I was going to ask you to fax a copy of Ari’s vaccination records to Bethany Sisneroz, the administrator, or at least call her, but then I noticed an email address on her card. I probably have an electronic copy, but I suspect she’d prefer something from you with a more current datestamp. You know how liability lawyers are. Please email Ari’s vaccination records to adm-wogc.


I was out of your facility and to the park before it hit me that you already had access to Ari’s most critical vaccination records. You should’ve looked a little closer at her collar, where her rabies tag is. Yep, rabies is the only canine disease that is shareable with humans if the dog isn’t vaccinated. That’s why all dogs in Harris County are supposed to wear current rabies tags. Still, I’ll have Dr. Anderson email all the gory vaccination details to you, just to appease the liability vultures.



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