ironkey implementation?

Frankly Mr. Boyal, if you read further in my blog, you would see that there’s never been any concrete interest in my project, Xpress-It. No one has ever been close to buying a copy so there has never been a reason to pursue the IronKey solution, although I do own two keys.

There’s also a very lively debate of the whole matter around copy protection and what is a copy near the start of episode 332 of This Week in Tech, I strongly recommend that anybody who’s about to create anything that might exist in a digital form watch or listen to the debated topic. I don’t agree with Leo Leporte on much of anything, but he finally said something that literally computes. His assertion was that any content in or on a computing device is easily copied by definition, and that any scheme designed to interfere with that also interferes with partaking of that content. Ah, duh! I’ll go a step further. Anything stored on, or passing through a computing device is a memory, again by definition. The only sure way to not spread a memory is by not having or sharing it. Sounds awfully self-defeating for anybody creating content, be it a song or software. Stores expect some loss. Sure, they try to minimize it, but not to the point of making the customers want to go elsewhere.

From: Naveendip Boyal []
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 15:05
Subject: ironkey implementation?



Did you find success in implementing IronKey API?

I am working on a project to create workspace application, requires addressing similar concerns of distribution and copy protection.

Do advise.

Naveendip Boyal.


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