GERMAN SHEPHERDS This person is proud of how his dog acts when…

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I don’t know that GSDs are the only breed with...
Scott Royall 1:10pm Feb 6

I don’t know that GSDs are the only breed with reasoning skills, but they do have some. Lilly was actually a Belgian Shepherd-Chow mix, and her ability to enter a new situation and figure out how she could help me impressed a lot of people. She knew few commands because she never really needed formal control; she simply always understood what I expected of her.

And yes, I am bragging. It was a honor to have Lilly. She’ll be in this year’s Texas Dog Hall of Fame, and I may post some of her endorsement letters.

Poor Ari, she’s probably as smart as Lilly, but I doubt she’ll ever have Lilly’s sheer aplomb. That dog was born calm and confident.

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Lorraine Brown
Lorraine Brown 11:03am Feb 6

A German Shepherd Dog is a big dog. All big dogs have big teeth. All big dogs are potentially dangerous. The trick, for every big dog, is to properly SOCIALIZE them, and BE NICE to them! GSD’s are extremely intellegent, and, I’ve heard it said that they are the only dogs to ‘reason’ things out and ‘problem solve’ (the word used when I read this statement was different, but, you get my drift). A poorly bred dog may be a problem. A poorly socialized dog will likely be a problem. A dog that’s been treated badly will very likely be a problem. Too many people want the GSD to be the big, tough, macho dog that is sensationalize in various media, and, even unwittenly, teach their dogs by way of their own expectations and behaviours, to be ‘tough’ and ‘macho’, even the females. If you fear that your dog is a bullet/gun or any other ‘weapon’ you should really think twice about having that dog is society! The ‘trained’ bite dogs are exactly that – trained bite dogs – they are taught a ‘trick’ just like balancing a cookie on their noses – except waaay more dangerous! IMHO no dog should be taught bite/protection unless they are in Police work of some kind!!! And … if you have an aggressive dog … fix it! NOW! The chances of it being ‘born that way’ are minescule!

Scott Royall
Scott Royall 10:37am Feb 6

Oh, the video. Meh. If your dog does that to you, you are not its alpha. Period.

Scott Royall
Scott Royall 2:52pm Feb 5

Exactly. The unfortunate catch is that a dog must demonstrate an aggressive response beforehand to qualify for protection training. Poor submissive Ari would be laughed out of class.

Gail Berlet
Gail Berlet 2:35pm Feb 5

I love reading all the great comments here….when we lived in Ontario, Roan and I used to visit my elderly Aunt in the old folks home, and Roan was always very reserved while there, never jumped up on any old people and was extra gentle with the elderly….same as when we are the the dog park and we see a senior dog wallking very slowly … no jumping or trying to play…it’s like Roan is paying them the respect they deserve…..that touches my heart.

Russ Ayers
Russ Ayers 2:30pm Feb 5

An untrained dog in protection, if the occasion comes up will not know how to react properly. They are unsure because biting is totally unfamiliar with them. They are biting out of fear. Many will not stand their ground. I agree that the big part of their protection is the presence. Also a all black dog gives more of a deterrence.

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Jessie Rennicker
Jessie Rennicker 2:19pm Feb 4

This person is proud of how his dog acts when they load him into their vehicle. This is on of the idiots that as causing our GREAT BREED to have such a bad name. Please if you have time let this idiot know that this is NOT how a GSD acts.

This is Solo, our German Shepard, my wife is helping him into the truck, his hind legs don’t work li…


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