Somewhat an Emergency


We have a problem. My chair was hit by a mini-van today right on the laptop table. I’m going to be sore for a while, but 4-legged Ari had the sense to stay clear. Flat Ari popped off her center belly panel, and went skittering down the street on her exposed innards. However, when the first responders helped me collect the body parts and plugged in the battery, she booted willingly. Wow. My mother is expecting another glowing testimonial for Dell, but I think that simple statement says everything quite eloquently.

Ari is going to need all of her lower plastics, including the palmrest, and center panel. The lid and main case are heavily scratched but intact. I do love titanium. Her left heat-sink is pretty banged up, and should be replaced. And, given the loose USB ports I mentioned previously, let’s take this opportunity to change the system board. Ok?

Go go girl, please. BTW, I’m using Flat Roddy now.



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