Part/Footrest hanger

Yes Troy, your hunch to go ahead and submit the order was correct. I spent yesterday in bed with two sprained ankles, a chest bruise, and a chipped tooth, and I still hurt a lot.

What you ordered was the most critical part needing replacement. My volunteer tech was able to temporarily right my laptop table, but that hanger assembly broke. In fact, the whole right leg assembly will need replacing, as it was bent and is weakened.

The chair gave more damage than it took. My laptop table was custom cut from a sheet of ¼” aluminum, and the mini-van hit it edge-on. That Mercury Town and County looks at least as snaggled-tooth as I do now. J

From: []
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 14:49
Subject: Fwd: Part/Footrest hanger

Good afternoon Mr. Royall, I think I misread the email early this morning as I thought you were in a vehicle that had got into an accident. Vehicle meaning a car, not your power chair!! I hope you are alright and can’t believe that the only thing that would need replacement is that hanger. Please let me know an update on your status. I have ordered the hanger and attached order confirmation, but certaintly let me know if I can help in any way. I did nopt receive your response from my earlier email so I did not want to hold off on the order for the part because of the weekend. Please give me a confirmation email when you get a chance. Thanks, Troy

Troy Liles
Great American Scooter Company
PH# 832.445.0956


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