Ari Update


I am not one of those people who believes a dog must be trained as a puppy to reach virtually all of its potential. Of course a puppy learns quicker, but it also has so much more to learn. A young adult at least presumably knows what is socially acceptable. I think Ari will get to where she needs to be. It will take awhile, because we have been unteaching bad habits she’s already learned. As this trainer says, Ari doesn’t emotionally shutdown if she’s corrected for a mistake. She may yelp once, but then she’s ready to learn the right way.

I’m sending along a couple of photographs of Ari and I that I had professionally taken today. Ari doesn’t have Lilly’s instinct for posing for the camera, but we still got some decent shots.

I admit to being something of a snob, because I love it when my fellow Americans go crazy over Ari in public. Very few of them have seen a real *German* German Shepherd so Ari comes as quite a surprise to them. Even the trainer says other owners spend thousands to get their dogs into the physical condition Ari is in.

I was surprised to learn you only had two producing males, but then I remembered how many puppies one male can sire in a year. As you say, that’s only part of your business too. Still, it’s very sad to lose both Ron and Jasko. Rest peacefully, guys.


From: FunkenSpiel []
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 04:21
Subject: Re: Ari Update

Hello Scott,

we’re always very glad to get an update from You, I’m very glad that You have found a good, experienced trainer and that means the world to You and Ari.

If she was with a good trainer from the start she could go much further, but better late then ever, I believe she’ll develope a good portion of her potential now.

Just to be clear both of our males pased away from non genetic illneses. Roni paste away form kindey disease that he developed on training abroad and it was too late to save him.

Jasko was a sire in good years and he passed away in coowners kennel. It was pretty hard on us but that’s life, we have other young dogs coming up.



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