Nuance: Vocalizer Expressive


Thank you for the quick response. You should rest assured that I will investigate Vocalizer to the extent that the demonstration software permits. You should additionally expect my investigation to generate any number of questions, and I hope you will see it as in Nuance’s own best interest to redirect them to your software engineers.

It is fair to say that I no longer have business requirements in the sense that I’m no longer employed for a living. Instead, I have life requirements, because I literally live or die by my assistive communication software. Can you really understand that? Your department (or is it a division?) is truly in the business of selling engines. Sure, they’re software, but they’re still engines. That means your customers are almost never your end users. Instead, your customers are software companies that sell to speech pathologists and other healthcare professionals who have criteria different from end users. They’re at least as interested in simple administration as they are in actual voice quality. Even your end users are, well, mostly just neophyte computer users with no real idea what voice synthesis can be like. Rachel, even today, I occasionally have to give public talks, and the general reaction I always get to the quality of my voice is still “holy shit, what are you using?” There have been times when other disabled voice synthesis users have started crying when they learned I had the ability to customize my voices. Your regular customers still don’t recognize that voice synthesis comes down to both quality and giving users the capability of creating their own identity.

Yeah, I’m pretty unique among your customers in that I’m a software developer who is his own end user. That makes me something of an ideal customer for you since I represent both perspectives. In all frankness, I’m going to subject Vocalizer to some very brutal testing, but just remember that this is all real-world stuff that Eloquence does every day. The reality is that Vocalizer is going to fail some tests, and I hope Nuance will work with me to pass the re-testing. Is that fair enough?


From: Elias, Rachel []
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 08:27
Subject: Nuance: Vocalizer Expressive

Hi Scott –

The ETI Eloquence TTS software had been end of life for a very long time. Unfortunately, we do not have any software engineers working on this SDK and it’s impossible to

respond to your request. Have you tested our new embedded Vocalizer Expressive TTS engine? Many accessibility customers like it and have been using it their

products. The latest engine incorporates Nuance, Loquendo & SVOX technology into a single SDK. I will send you a 45-day eval. I really hope this helps your business

requirements! Rachel



Account Manager, Mobile and Embedded Solutions

Nuance Communications, Inc.

781 565 5293 Direct

617 968 8620 Mobile

866 732 9590 Fax



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