Computer Selection




Continuing what seems to be a theme of late regarding content, I’d like to mention a segment of Padre’s Corner #24 on the network. Yes, I’m referring to the Before-You-Buy segment on the Acer gaming desktop, and what’s interesting isn’t the machine itself. It’s the reasoning Father Robert offers for why the model might be a good answer for those people wanting a good turnkey solution that didn’t disappoint. The machine isn’t the fastest, but it’s fast enough and general enough to be able to handle most any task thrown at it.


That sort of criteria sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s essentially a subset of the criteria we use in looking for candidates for my “active duty” laptops. You know I deliberately use that military description for the laptops that ride on my wheelchair because the duty can sometimes be downright dangerous. You know that from experience, but whoever we get to help us select the next “victim” isn’t going to fully appreciate the reality from the start. Perhaps pointing them to the podcast segment might help expedite their learning process.


And yes, Father Robert is a hoot. He’s also one of your countrymen, a Filipino.





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