Dell Exchange Request # 789395791

From: Scott Royall []
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 3:38 PM
Subject: FW: Dell Exchange Request # 789395791


Nice to see Dell bureaucracy still hasn’t discovered that patience is a virtue! They’ll get Gamera soon enough, but not before I’m darn ready, like you said.

The new M15 only arrived late Friday, and you can imagine what activity dominated my weekend. I’m rather pleased with how smoothly the conversion is going. The as-yet unnamed baby has already acquired all of the essential skills I require of my active-duty machines, and has actually been on the wheelchair for under an hour. Still, there’s much to do before I can release a mind-wiped Gamera back to the mothership. In truth, I can’t send Gamera back until a very important accessory arrives from Australia for the M15.

Dete knows exactly what I’m talking about because she’s the one who originally located this solution to a frustrating problem. You undoubtedly know what a keyboard protector is, a generic piece of clear plastic placed over a keyboard. The normal purpose is just to shield the keys from liquid and debris, but here’s yet another case where I’m unique. The mechanisms in Dell laptop keyboards have a quirk that makes them real vulnerable to the specific way in which I type. Simply put: I tend to catch the front edge of a keytop and pop it off. (Curiously, other laptops, such as the famous Thinkpads, are immune to this phenomena.) In any event, a couple of Asian companies make a line of protectors from a medical plastic called TPU that’s very resilient and retains high transparency. These protectors are molded to fit specific laptops, and the newness of the M15 means its protector is in short supply.

The Australian distributor has given me an ETA of the 7th so the Dell pencil-necks need to take a few Valiums! I already agreed to the exchange, just in my own best time. Obviously, you don’t want me solely dependent on a keyboard that might go sproing at any moment. J


From: Dell, Inc [mailto:noreply]
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 11:14 AM
To: royall
Subject: Dell Exchange Request # 789395791



“Dell Exchange Request.”


This email notification is to inform you that your replacement order number 789395791 was shipped to you on 3/17/2015. In order to assist with the return process, a letter that includes prepaid FedEx waybill and return instructions has been sent to you. Please follow those instructions and retain a copy of the waybill number for proof of return to Dell.

If you do not receive the waybill within the next two days please contact one of our Exchange Care Representatives at Exchange or via phone at 888-210-0062. To expedite your request please be sure to reference exchange order number 789395791.

Thank you for choosing Dell!


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