FlexRadio Systems Re: No VOX?

No Tom, the ticket is hereby reopened. In fact, the original question was merely a place-holder to establish a dialog with Flex Support on the matter.

I’m not talking about hardware VOX support. That would be completely useless to me. Too bad Bob Tracy didn’t note in my customer file that disability requires me to do literally everything via software. Even my voice is software generated so I have no use for mics or hardware VOX circuitry. I’m talking about your software, PowerSDR. Doesn’t “SDR” mean software defined radio?

Specifically, PowerSDR already receives audio headed for the radio via a virtual audio cable (VAC). In practice, that’s just a virtual audio device, and my speaking software knows how to redirect my “voice” to any audio device known to the system. All that’s missing is a way for audio to cause PowerSDR to key the transmitter. Simply described in pseudo-code:

Wait for audio on the VAC

Enable MOX

While audio on the VAC

Let VAC do its thing

Wait specified delay

Disable MOX

As I say, easy. Too easy to not already be in the code. Especially since it would also benefit anyone working the digital modes. HRD’s Digital Master also sends audio to any system audio device. No more need for fragile PTT lash-ups that might be broken by a hard stare.

Understand that my new Flex-1500 is useless to me without VOX. Some of my friends have already offered to make PTT lash-ups for me, but I would rather see Flex do the right thing and correct what I consider to be a glaring shortcoming in PowerSDR.

Scott Royall W5RUA

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Tim Ellison (FlexRadio Systems)

May 7, 7:01 AM


Yes, the FLEX-1500 hardware is not capable of VOX operation, there fore it is not a feature that is possible with the FLEX-1500.

Since your question regarding this support ticket has been addressed, I am changing the status of your HelpDesk ticket to "solved" in order to close it in 4 days. If you have any additional questions regarding this incident, you can re-open this ticket by replying to it or open a new HelpDesk ticket.

Thanks for using the FlexRadio HelpDesk.

Tim Ellison, W4TME
Customer Experience Manager

FlexRadio Systems™
4616 W Howard Ln Suite 1-150
Austin, TX 78728
Phone: 512-535-4713

Scott Royall

May 6, 6:33 PM

What, no VOX?

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