Simply heartbreaking.

From: Scott Royall []
Sent: Thursday, July 2, 2015 12:36
To: ‘Priscilla Lopez’; ‘Al Longoria’
Subject: RE: Delilah

Al and Priscilla,

Priscilla sent what’s evidently the official HHS description of their heartworm treatment process. The description seems written toward dogs already owned, and the fact that this dog has been in HHS custody for a week may greatly simplify matters. The description only mentions there are three injections, with the first two administered a day apart. Depending on when the third injection is due, HHS might have completed treatment by now. I don’t know, but taking the dog back to HHS in the near future for that third injection could be quite difficult.

The other question is about the strongly advised convalescence period. This dog is going straight into a home with another older but active dog, meaning I have no way of keeping this dog calm for a month.

I just saw Al’s email and I must sadly agree with his recommendation. Simply put: Delilah is not ready for adoption. The need to keep her quiet for a month is the critical issue. I don’t think any adopter can reasonably assure that so my opinion is that shelters should not be offering HW-positive dogs until treatment is completed. In regard to Delilah: Priscilla, it is up to HHS to contact me when this dog is truly “ready.” If I still need a dog in a month, I will take her. While this is absolutely heartbreaking, it’s the best I can offer.


From: Priscilla Lopez [mailto:plopez]
Sent: Thursday, July 2, 2015 10:07
To: Al Longoria
Cc: Scott Royall
Subject: Re: Delilah


All dogs must complete pre-medications prescribed to the dogs by the veterinarians at the Houston Humane Society prior to the heart-worm treatment to help build up the body and fight any infection present.

Thorough blood work is sometime necessary to determine the dog’s health prior to treatment. (If pet is 5 yrs and older)

The Houston Humane Society heart-worm treatment consists of 3 injections. After completing all pre-medications, the dog will receive the 1st injection. The dog Must return next day after the 2nd for the 3rd injection.

Our treatment has a very high success rate due to the use of the split treatment. We treat all dos has high risk to ensure the safety of the animal.

The injections are given in the muscle near the spine on the back. This can make the dog sore. which is usually relived by the anti inflammatory that is sent home.

Owners are strongly advised to keep the animal calm and inside during the treatment. This will help prevent the worms breaking up prematurely and then getting caught in the lungs.

This can ultimately cause extreme respiratory distress and even death.

Priscilla Lopez

Adoption’s Supervisor

Houston Humane Society

14700 Almeda Rd. 77053

On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 8:39 AM, Al Longoria <al> wrote:


That is a pretty big decision. I am happy to make my recommendation after speaking with Priscilla.



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