The main thing still working in Delilah’s favor is the dearth of suitable dogs in the area. It took me five weeks to find one possibility. Therefore, we’re going to do the following: my trainer and I are going to convene at your facility 3:00 Monday to re-evaluate Delilah. If my trainer concurs with my favorable impression of her capabilities, we will proceed with the adoption. However, I need to make sure you understand some things first so that there’s no miscommunication. I simply live too far west to bring the dog back to HHS for the second and third shot. Each trip is a half-hour each way, and that’s if I have a driver. My transportation situation is better today than yesterday, but there’s no guarantee it will stay that way even for a month.

Since I can’t avail myself of your relatively cheap injections, this adoption will cost me far more than your typical ones. I will have to board Delilah for 30 days to let the heartworms dissolve normally. That’s the only way I have to assure she stays quiet. It’s probably no surprise that my vet runs a part-time mobile service, and I think I can get her to administer the last two injections. It will hopefully help reduce the cost if your veterinarians could at least do the first. Again, I’m sorry but it’s just not possible for me to bring the dog back to HHS for the last two.

Of course, this is all contingent on Delilah re-testing well Monday.



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