Thank you for the clarification regarding Delilah. My veterinarian further adds that the “pre-medication” period also requires cage-rest, raising the boarding time to 60 days. However, the dog was asymptomatic when I evaluated her. If she is able to remain asymptomatic, that affords my veterinarian freedom to pursue treatment protocols that are less severe but still effective. If Delilah is the most suitable dog, I presume she wouldn’t be released to me until you have my veterinarian’s verification letter. Would email suffice?

Regarding alternative dogs, you list the options in the order that we would follow them. I don’t know how much time my trainer will have tomorrow, but, when I first evaluated Delilah last week, the only other GSD mixes “in stock” were Hardy and Bobbi. Maybe others have since arrived, but those two weren’t even interested in being evaluated.

Oh, if my veterinarian is going to treat the heartworms, what is the $125 really for? Yes, I just had to ask. I mean, I’m not above giving HHS an one-time donation, but let’s call it whatever it really is, ok?


From: Priscilla []
Sent: Friday, July 3, 2015 21:53
To: Scott Royall
Cc: al
Subject: Re: Delilah


We look forward to seeing you at 3:00pm on Monday to re-evaluate Delilah. If you choose to adopt her, the adoption fee will be waived. However, the heartworm treatment will be $125.

To clarify, Delilah needs to take pre-medications prior to the actual heartworm treatment. The premeds will help make Delilah’s immune system as strong as possible before the treatment begins. She will need to take the pre-meds for one month prior to receiving any injections. She also cannot begin her pre-meds until 30 days after her spay surgery, which was performed on July 1. In other words, she would begin her pre-medications on August 1 and receive her first injection on September 1.

Alternatively, you are welcome to have your own veterinarian treat Delilah for her heartworms. However, we will need a verification letter from your veterinarian stating that he or she will be administering the treatment.

We are very sorry that your search for a new companion hasn’t been easier. We do our very best to give all dogs a chance at finding a forever home. However, we do understand the stress that treating a heartworm positive dog places on you. One other alternative is to choose another dog to adopt. We do have several German Shepherd mixes to choose from. Or, if you prefer, we can notify you when we get another German Shepherd in. If you choose to adopt another dog, we would test for heartworms when it gets spayed/neutered and let you know the results prior to pick up.

Best wishes,

Priscilla Lopez

Adoption’s Supervisor

On Jul 2, 2015, at 9:54 PM, Scott Royall <royall> wrote:


The main thing still working in Delilah’s favor is the dearth of suitable dogs in the area. It took me five weeks to find one possibility. Therefore, we’re going to do the following: my trainer and I are going to convene at your facility 3:00 Monday to re-evaluate Delilah. If my trainer concurs with my favorable impression of her capabilities, we will proceed with the adoption. However, I need to make sure you understand some things first so that there’s no miscommunication. I simply live too far west to bring the dog back to HHS for the second and third shot. Each trip is a half-hour each way, and that’s if I have a driver. My transportation situation is better today than yesterday, but there’s no guarantee it will stay that way even for a month.

Since I can’t avail myself of your relatively cheap injections, this adoption will cost me far more than your typical ones. I will have to board Delilah for 30 days to let the heartworms dissolve normally. That’s the only way I have to assure she stays quiet. It’s probably no surprise that my vet runs a part-time mobile service, and I think I can get her to administer the last two injections. It will hopefully help reduce the cost if your veterinarians could at least do the first. Again, I’m sorry but it’s just not possible for me to bring the dog back to HHS for the last two.

Of course, this is all contingent on Delilah re-testing well Monday.



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