Dr. Anderson,

My trainer evaluated the dog in question and confirmed my initial evaluation. This dog has the innate traits needed for my requirements. HHS is now just waiting for your verification letter before releasing the dog to me.

In regards to which HW treatment we’ll use, the dog is definitely asymptomatic at this stage so my inclination is to go with the “off-label” Heartgard regime you mentioned. Of course that’s conditional based on your recommendation after you examine her yourself. I understand any existing adult worms will remain in her pulmonary system for up to three years. The HW preventative will prevent them from receiving any additional worm reinforcements as well as making their lives miserable and short. Naturally, I realize I’ll have to watch for any telltales of pulmonary distress, an indication that we will need to switch to the more traditional protocol. However, the reason why I hope we can avoid the “slow kill” method, besides the cost, is something you’ll see immediately in your examination. This dog is already malnourished (giving rise to the belief that she was abandoned), and I’d prefer restoring her body as much as possible first. If harsher methods do become indicated later, at least we can strengthen her internal resources first. However, I don’t think we need to specify a treatment method to HHS.

I need an appointment with you this month to have both dogs examined. If you work Mondays, 3:00 would be a good time since my trainer would be here to help. Hot Rod needs her Rabies vaccination renewed before it expires early next month, and there was some blood work deferred from last August.


Hopefully, I can get Delilah/Leia by Friday so I’ll see you next Monday.



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