Ah yeah, can’t say that I was extremely impressed with the "diagnostic" skills of today’s tech. The poor guy needed me to pinpoint the source of the squeak for him. Since the sound is really more of a screech synchronized with each forward revolution of the right rear wheel, I agree that the source must be metal-on-metal scraping. However, since the sound only occurs in one direction, I cannot concur with the tech’s recommendation to replace both motors. I understand his preventative thinking behind the recommendation, but, given that the problem began hours after Adan replaced my rear wheels, I think you’ll agree it’s far more likely that something simply changed in the mounting of the right rear wheel.

One quick way to confirm my suspicion is by pulling that wheel off and having me spin the motor forward. No screech or squeak would be the confirmation. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of that while your technician was here, not that I think he would’ve been comfortable working on the wheelchair with me in it. Gary and Adan both know how simple it is (think: NASCAR).

Therefore, my recommendation is that we perform the above test to better determine where the problem lies before we cheerfully gig the insurance company for the cost of two motors. The tech kept saying "insurance would pay for it” until I reminded him that the consumer ultimately pays for everything. I’m perfectly comfortable charging insurance for items legitimately needed, but needless waste turns my stomach even as it lines Invacare’s purse.

Please include this email in your correspondence with Texas Healthspring.

By the way, I keep forgetting to ask you to request a new seat cushion for this wheelchair. I’ve worn quite the gulch in this one.

From: Scott Royall <royall@conchbbs.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2018 10:31
To: ‘Adam B’ <adamb@txmobility.com>
Cc: jeremyp@txmobility.com
Subject: RE: Squeak


From: Adam B <adamb>
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2018 6:28
To: ‘Scott Royall’ <royall>
Cc: jeremyp
Subject: RE: Squeak

Good Morning,

Will you be available tomorrow?

Adam Beier

Great American Mobility

Hours: 6AM-3PM

P) 832-445-0956 ext. 201

F) 832-777-7023

From: Scott Royall <royall>
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 12:54 PM
To: ‘Adam B’ <adamb>
Cc: jeremyp
Subject: FW: Squeak

Where am I on the list? Going to quiet or dignified places with this racket is very awkward.

From: jeremyp <jeremyp>
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2018 13:39
To: royall
Cc: adamb
Subject: Squeak

Good Afternoon Mr. Royall,

As we just installed the drive tires, we will be glad to come diagnose the squeak for you. I will get a service order on the board, and you will be hearing from Mr. Beier regarding scheduling.

Thank you,

Jeremy Pawlowski

Service Coordinator

(832)445-0956 Ext:208