Radio Links

KG5AI’s Freq Page Probably the best source for Houston area frequencies
Eric Carlson’s Scanner List
Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:


World Radio Network

Sort of a sampler of international broadcasters


Harris County/Houston Audio Feed

The following is a list of links to an audio feed I provide of law enforcement in the Houston/Harris County area. Each link points to a different audio format in order to offer maximum compatibility, but the audio content is the same.

The feed includes dispatch channels for the following agencies:

  • Houston PD
  • Harris County Sheriff’s Office
  • Harris County Constables Office (all precincts)
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Katy PD

Although a few other agencies are included, I don’t monitor EMS or fire departments as a general rule.


Tune In:

Winamp, iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime


TuneIn Radio