Good News, Bad News

First the bad
news: the meeting with the local school district adaptive technologist and the
youngster I had hoped to be my first customer was delayed yet again by the
former. It is safe to say the boy’s mother is rather frustrated and
unhappy. It also seems from some of her comments that this particular
technologist might not be mentally prepared to receive new ideas outside of his
normal experience. That could be quite unfortunate for my efforts to get Xpress-It
accepted by the AAC establishment. Time will tell whenever he gets around to rescheduling
the boy’s review.

there is a bit of good news as well. A lady over in the UK contacted me
last week expressing a need for exactly what Xpress-It does. I guided her through
downloading the program and trying it in “demo mode.” I am now
awaiting the results of her trials. This may lead to a very different customer
#1 than who I had anticipated. The waiting is somewhat unnerving, because I still
don’t have independent confirmation that the current installer is complete
and correct. I tried to rehabilitate two old machines today to serve in the role
of “lab rats,” but ran into temporary problems with both computers unrelated
to Xpress-It. So I have to iron out those issues while I wait to hear from the UK.