I must say I’m growing increasingly dissatisfied with Invacare because the quality of their products has nosed-dived in recent years. I really think the crux of the problem is that the whole medical equipment industry has become petrified by liability suits. Each year, more and more of the cost for anything in the industry goes to liability insurance instead of quality. Everybody seems more interested in protecting their pile instead of producing quality. I’m bringing this up because I’ve confirmed what I observed Friday; the “backup” charger I’ve been using since my primary literally smoked is the same one that came with this damned chair. This is the first time I’ve used that charger, and there’s nothing wrong with it per se. it’s just anemic as hell because the liability attorneys don’t want any chance of overcharging a gel battery. I confirmed this by directing my two non-technical caregivers through the process of reconnecting the other switching charger that I have on the chair. The new batteries perked right up. Sheesh.

So what’s the plan? Did you order the other charger as I asked? What’s the story on the joystick? I’m also starting to get some chatter from my left front. Well?