Review done.

Funny how people tend to put either five or one star on their reviews. No middle ground. Real-life is rarely so cut-and-dry.



Ah ha, now I get what my poor mother was talking about. In typical male fashion, I didn’t read all of Tim’s last email so I was a little concerned when she talked about me writing a glowing article. Now I understand!

I have no problem writing a positive review on Google, but I have to tell you most guys don’t read reviews. I think it’s the same genes that keep us from reading manuals or asking for directions. In any case, I still think I need to pay more than a measly $350. After all, you read what a tech entered about needing to replace the in-tank fuel pump for 250-350. No doubt that was just for parts. I’m on the fence about whether or not a working gas gauge is worthwhile, but we can talk about the total cost of that repair while I’m paying some more on this epic repair. Let me put it to you this way. I voted for Trump so you can imagine my views on charities and such. Oh, those things have uses, but I’d much rather still be working and earning my keep.